My name is Linda, and I live deep in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I believe it’s vital for both kids and adults to get outside for fresh air, exercise, and free play every day.  Our outdoor time may be social, solo, park or nature-based, near or at home, quick or lengthy, but, whatever form it takes, we make a point of getting outside every day.

I own a thriving piano studio,  I’m a homeschooling mom, and I’m an avid hiker and amateur photographer.  I’ve been running a hiking group for women as well as organizing hikes and nature-based outings for kids for more than ten years now.  Life is busy, but in nature I find beauty and peace.

Here I share photos of the beauty I find around me and write about the places we go, the things we do,  the benefits of outdoor play, and tips and tricks that make outside time fun.  I also share educational activities that fit our nature-based lifestyle.  Yes, we homeschool, but I believe most of the activities I share can easily supplement a public or private-school education, so please don’t let the word “homeschool” scare you away.  🙂

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