Ladybug Clusters: Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Ladybugs 009

Redwood Ladybugs 003

Redwood Ladybugs 010

Photos taken January 27th, 2013

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland

Interested in going?  The ladybugs cluster at Redwood Regional Park between November and February.  You’ll find them at the intersection of the Stream and Prince Trails.  Look on, around, and behind the bench, as well as across the trail, near (and on) the sign.  You can begin the hike at either the Skyline Gate Staging Area on Skyline Drive (a down and up hike) or the Canyon Meadow Staging Area on Redwood Road (for a flatter hike).  Either way, it’s about three miles round-trip.  See trail map on the Redwood website for details…  And, remember, look, but don’t collect!

Going with kids:  Since we have a young child, we prefer to take the flatter trail from the Canyon Meadow Staging Area.  This section is stroller-friendly.  My son likes to ride his bike, which is allowed as far as Trails End (bring along a bike lock).  From there it’s only about a half mile walk to where the ladybugs are located.

For more information about the ladybug clusters at Redwood Regional Park, watch this KQED QUEST video of a regional parks naturalist discussing the phenomena… Ladybug Pajama Party.


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