Still feels like summer!

I know it’s supposed to be Autumn, but the weather really heated up over the weekend.  It felt hotter than it was all summer!

Perfect weather for a swim!

If we had the energy, our son would have us do this all day!

I’m happy to stretch out summer as long as we can!

Linda Bernardi

Music teacher, nature enthusiast, home educator .... exploring this beautiful, magical world we live in. For information about my music lessons and classes, visit


  • We have encountered a few days of so-called “Indian Summer” in UK, but they say snow and “red rain” is coming from this weekend.

    • I think now all the hot weather has passed. Today was day.three of rain and cool temperatures. The rain is earlier than normal, but much needed.

  • Too hot… « A Nature Mom
    • Haha. We’ve had such a relatively cool summer, it’s finally nice to have some heat, even if it’s only for a few days. I really don’t like the heat, though, so I’m OK if it only lasts a short while.

      • We’ve had a population explosion of mosquitoes here, too. I’m glad that it’s cool enough to wear long pants so they have less of an opportunity to bite. And I’ll be doubly thrilled when we have a hard frost that puts an end to the mosquito season. But the sad part is that will finish off the flowers, too. 😦

  • Perfect place to be for the weather of late. :-). I dont like winter for more than a week, but I can’t wait for fall to break into my sweaters already.

    • It feels too hot to do anything other than jump in the pool! If the weather forecasters are right, you may be wearing those sweaters by this weekend.

    • So true. I’ve enjoyed January in Australia, and it’s heavenly. I do enjoy fall, however, so I’m not really that sad it’ll be here soon. But I’m not going to rush these last days of warmth and sunshine, either!

  • Such fun! It’s going to be a hot one “down here” again today! It’s so odd to be reading recipes about pumpkin and apple bakes, and delicious hot drinks. I’m just not able to bridge that reality gap yet myself. We went to the beach again this past weekend. Glad you’re still enjoying summer in your home, too. Super photos!

    • The heatwave here is only supposed to last a few more days, so we’re trying to enjoy it while we can. These may be our last pool days of the year (sigh..). But I have to admit, due to a special request from my son, I am baking pumpkin bread at this very moment. Even though it’s supposed to be close to 100F outside today, it’s smelling like fall inside!

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