Silent Saturday: Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

Photos taken last weekend during a walk along the Pacific Grove section of the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail.  My husband took our son on a bike ride, so I could have some much-needed time to myself…

Also from our day in Monterey…


  • Don’t you just love being outdoors? I think we have a lot in common, lots of time outdoors, with kids! I used to encourage my kids on the trail with, “Great job on your elf training!” Of course you must believe all elves live in the woods and are quite strong and able to cross creeks, climb mountains, and spy wildlife! 😉 Best! kl~

      • All children raised with the love of nature tend to be 🙂 I have four boys! Yep, Elves, all of them!

          • hee hee, I meant to tell you how nice your photos were. The water one really caught my eye, What is it a stick a dog a seal? hee hee, I love pictures that make me ask questions. And I love my boys yes, but somedays as mine have started into some teenage years, have the drama queen gig down perfect! But then again, my oldest was like that at four! Have a Great Week!

  • Wonderful photos, and such a happy place for me! My best friend lived in Pacific Grove while my children were growing up and we went multiple times a year to spend time with her. We still consider it one of the most beautiful spots on the coast! 🙂

    • The Monterey area is a wonderful place to be with children. It has a slow, quiet pace that’s perfect for little ones. I lived there for five years (before marriage), and I miss it tremendously at times.

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