Today was the first day of kindergarten.  A major life event for my boy…. starting school.  Sadness for me.  Five years we’ve spent together, hardly ever being apart.

I can’t think of a better way to start the day than running off some energy in the school playground.

But then it was time for the children to enter the classroom and separate from the parents.  My son is lucky.  His favorite swimming pool friend is in his class.  They entered the classroom together, hand-in-hand, giving each other support…

I’m so proud of him.  He was excited, but a bit nervous.  Natural emotions for entering the unknown.  He only cried for a minute when he hugged me goodbye.  I held back my tears until I got home.


  • It looks like you guys ended up going with Pathways. I heard Mrs. Sharon had to part with the program. You’ll have to let me know how this year goes. We had great times in that program..still miss it sometimes.

  • Glad he loves K! So much harder for the moms. Hang in there Linda and do all the things you love to do…I’m having a hard time too!

    • Thanks, Gillian! So far, I’ve been catching up on all the stuff I haven’t had time to do. But I’m putting hikes on the calendar. First one tomorrow. 🙂 You hang in there, too! We’ll get through this adjustment period… hope to see you soon!

  • My son just entered kindergarten too and it was a giant leap for me…Many hugs and to many more wonderful leaps ahead! From one mom to another with love, Sharon

  • Isn’t it amazing how tender a mother’s heart is?…it’s a testament to the love and connection between mothers and their children….but I’ve found it can be wrenching at times. (I still get that…and my daughter is 25!) On a positive note, a bit of time on your own during these short school hours can be so restorative…

  • I remember when my 2 kids first went to Kindergarten…my daughter starts high school this year. These are major life events full of emotion.
    It’s hard to let go. I get misty-eyed as our family goes through these events.
    Enjoy it while you can, they grow up too fast. His world is expanding and so is yours.

    Great post. Love the pics. Your son is very cute with his little friend. 🙂

    • I can imagine high school will be another huge transition. Then, oh, college!! Yes, they seem to transition just fine. For us it’s bittersweet.

  • What is called kindergarten is called playgroup in UK. I resisted going to playgroup, even trying to use various sabotages, but inevitably lost.

    Hope your son enjoyed his experience, though beware that the modern education system can destroy young minds.

    Everyone goes back to school in UK in a week.

    • Well, I can report that he LOVED his first day if school. Of course, today was all play. He can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

      We have our concerns about the traditional education system, and many of our friends are homeschoolers. We’ve found an alternative program through the public school system that’s a kind of happy medium. In theory, it fits our educational philosophy. Time will tell how it is in reality.

  • He is going to be okay….any kid that can hike the trails in Yosemite can handle kindergarten with ease…….:)

    • Yes, he’s a trooper! He was never too worried about school, though. He’s been looking forward to it for months! I’m the one having separation issues… though I’m feeling much better now than I was this morning.

  • Transitions are not easy, but we can always rely on those that have come before us. At least, we know it is doable! Love visiting your blog!

  • Good shots Linda!!! It’s been a fabulous 5 yrs for you two. You are both so fortunate to have savored every moment. But boy, oh boy!!! Now that he’s getting older, soooo many more fun things to do w/ him! In that ‘Frommer’s 500 things to do w/ your kids’, about at least half the stuff is really appropriate for 5yr or 6yr olds and above. The real fun is really only beginning!!! yay!! Give kisses to Cy for me & his little Veronica. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lee Anne! Yes, I made a point of being present and enjoying the early years. I’ve heard from too many how quickly the time passes. We have to enjoy the moments while we have them. And, yes, I have a long list of things I’d like to do with him as he gets older.

  • Oh…so precious! My daughter starts tomorrow but I’ve already gone through it with my son. It is only three hours/half day so the real adjustment for me is next year as she goes full day along with my son. I cried last year when my son started first grade. This year I can hardly wait as I’m so excited for my daughter and also ready for some more time for me. Next year will be really hard! Hope you and your son had a good day!

    • Yes, I expect next year will be much harder on me. At least for now, we have our afternoons together. And I’ll have some much needed me time in the mornings.

  • Oh this brought tears to my eyes! My little granddaughter started K two weeks ago, and even I as a grandmother have felt a loss in my time with her. I told my daughter that I cried every year when she and her brother went to school, until they were a lot older! I hope you’ll share some of his early school experiences with us. You’ve helped him develop into such a sweet and curious little guy I know school is going to be so exciting for him. I feel it for you, though, I really do! oxo

  • Oh, I feel your pain! Huge strides for our kids, but, ugh, very hard as a parent. It took me almost two weeks to get over feeling like throwing up after leaving my daughter. Our kids are definitely more resilient and open to change.

    • Thanks, Dana! They really are more resilient than we are. For them, the change is exciting. As change can be exciting for us! It’s just that with our kids, we don’t want to see them grow up so quickly. It’s not a change we’ve chosen. We want to hold onto them a bit longer.

  • Awww, congrats! I remember how hard it was for me when my oldest started Kindergarten. Today he started 8th grade!

  • oh, Linda- I can feel your emotions as you write…I am still a few years away from my daughter starting school, but can already feel the throat choking of holding back tears. Kindergarten will be such a great journey for both of you! Cy will be just fine and you will both learn to appreciate the time spent apart, as well as together. Enjoy your first day, too 🙂

    • Thank you, Paula. It does help knowing the sadness will pass, but it’s so strong in the moment. It helps that he is excited about school. He’s been looking forward to it for months!

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