Secret Swimming Hole

Summertime fun… a secret swimming hole with a natural water slide… on the South Fork of the Yuba River, somewhere near Truckee…



Linda Bernardi

Music teacher, nature enthusiast, home educator .... exploring this beautiful, magical world we live in. For information about my music lessons and classes, visit


  • East branch of the Pemigewasset River in NH was our secret spot when I was a kid. Golden-green water teeming with native trout and massive granite boulders for jumping from into deep pools. Your post brought back a lot of great memories. Thanks!

  • Now who doesn’t like a secret swim hole with it’s own private water slide! I always love coming across a remote pond or swim hole. Something special about knowing about a place that isn’t swarming with people. Looks like the little fella is having a blast. Doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂

    • It was his first time experiencing a swimming hole. He loved it! Today he’s going to see Lake Tahoe for the first time. Fun stuff!

      • I loved Lake Tahoe when I was stationed near there in the 80’s. He’ll have a blast. Have fun and be safe.

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