Too hot? Too rainy? Head to the Rock Gym!

Looking for nature-oriented indoor fun to do on a too-hot or a rainy day?  Try the local rock climbing gym!  We started taking our son when he was four.    It’s a great way to burn some energy, strengthen that upper body, and let the kids go crazy climbing in a safe environment.  My son loves the bouldering walls!

At Valley Rock Climbing Gym, Livermore


  • I would love to give a go at a great rock climbing gym. Unfortunately we don’t have any near where I live so I’ll have to live vicariously through this young man. Climb on!

    • We’re really lucky to have quite a few good ones in the area. If you ever get the chance while out traveling, try it!

  • Looks awesome! Budapest has lots of ropes courses, some of them indoors, and we like to hit them occasionally. Ok, I like to hit them occasionally, and the kids tag along. We got our older son on the kids’ course at about 3, though, and he does enjoy them. Good fun!

    • My husband and I enjoy climbing at the rock gym, too, though it was something we did way more often before having a child. Great family fun!

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